JIYANA Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp LED Bug Zapper Pest Control



JIYANA Electric Mosquito Killer is an electric mosquito killer lamp, with small size and lightweight, easy to carry around. 2. Use the artificial light source to trap mosquito, use the upgrade airflow vortex system strong suction mosquitoes, three-dimensional surround and trapping. 3.Suitable to be used in bedroom, kitchen, living room and other outdoor activities. Specifications: Color:Black/White(optional) Material: Plastics Voltage: DC 5V/220 mA Wattage :2W Area:51-100㎡ Item weight:302g Item size:180x100x100mm

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Key Features Of JIYANA Electric Mosquito Killer:

  • Light Source that Imitates Human Body: 365 nm bionic violet wave, Mosquito Killer Lamp use the human bionic technology to increase the attraction of mosquitoes for 60m². Accurately attract mosquitoes.
  • Stereo Surround Trap: Three dimensional wrap and upgrade airflow vortex system, the mosquito killer light can suck any small insects like mosquito, moth, and small bugs into mosquito box.
  • Mute Noise Reduction Optimization: = 45dB healthy mosquito control, it will not disturb your sleep at night. Enjoy your sweet dreams without harassment of mosquito.
  • Don’t need to spray any chemical mosquito repellent. No toxic, no chemical and no odor produce. It is healthier than traditional pest repellent or bug zapper, spray and incense. No harm for kids or pregnant woman’s health and environment.
  • USB Power Supply: The electronic mosquito zapper can be powered by any USB devices such as computer, power bank, laptop, phone charging adapter and so on.
  • It can be used to kill mosquitoes in bed-room, hall, hotel, office, travel, camping and any other places.

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