Rollr A9ASEC16L12016IN RM-01 Driving Behaviour Tracking Connected Car Device




The Rollr A9ASEC16L12016IN RM-01 is a vehicle tracking and telematics device which helps you track the location of your car, provides you with driving behaviour information and provides vehicle telematics and health data about your vehicle. The system is extremely easy to use. Plug-in the device to the vehicle’s OBD (Onboard Diagnostics) II port to activate and then download the free Rollr smartphone app. Log in by entering your Rollr Mini device ID, the verification code and feed in your vehicle details, email address and phone number and you are good to go. It takes just a few minutes to set up and start using.

It also has inbuilt battery of lithium-polymer with 220mAH, battery backup up to 4 hours.

Note: The device will work on any car or SUV manufactured after 2009 irrespective of shape, style and price.There is no wire cut required.

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How does the Rollr A9ASEC16L12016IN RM-01 work?

The Rollr A9ASEC16L12016IN RM-01 device has an in-built prepaid and preconfigured telematics grade SIM card. All the data that the device reads are sent to the Rollr servers, all of which is encrypted according to the manufacturer. The device transmits the location of the vehicle every three seconds with a claimed error tolerance of 5 metres when it comes to location accuracy.

What can the Rollr A9ASEC16L12016IN RM-01 do?

The Rollr A9ASEC16L12016IN RM-01 servers create a vehicle history of where your car has been, how long it has been driven through which route, and what distance it has covered in how much time. It records every time the vehicle is started and you can even set a speed limit on the app. If the vehicle exceeds that limit it will be noted in the history. The system relies on Google Maps so you don’t have much to complain about the tracking services. If you or anyone ever disconnects the device from the car, you will be notified via SMS even if you keep all the notifications turned off from the app settings, which is also pretty neat. The Rollr Mini also monitors the vehicle’s health and lets you know if there is anything under the bonnet needs attention. All of these parameters and the vehicle history is available for you to monitor and track from the Rollr smartphone app.

How easy is the Rollr app to use?

The smartphone app is fairly easy to use. The ‘Dashboard’ screen tells you the last trip details, the route, and trip statistics. The statistics include max engine RPM, average RPM, max speed and average speed. The app also provides a driving behaviour score which monitors how hard you accelerate and brake, how many times you are speeding, and how long you are idling. The score is based on your entire driving behaviour’s evaluation.

Who is the Rollr Mini for and is it worth it?

The Rollr A9ASEC16L12016IN RM-01 at (including 1st year subscription) in addition to the annual subscription charges which start from the second year for Rs 1,200 (Rs 100 per month). Essentially, the Rollr Mini would be for someone with multiple cars or has a chauffeur who predominantly drives the vehicle. This will most definitely help someone keep track of their car and prevent any misuse. Additionally, The Rollr can be extremely beneficial for fleet owners to track and monitor any given vehicle at any given time. For B2B services, the Rollr Mini is an ideal product that can not only help you keep track of their whereabouts or driver’s driving habits but also the vehicle’s health.
For personal use, the Rollr Mini does provide some good insights and can help you better your driving style as the driving score does mentally challenge you to better that number, and you can end up making huge savings in fuel consumption if you’re lucky. Also, it provides the data that will help you stay one step ahead should your vehicle develop a malfunction or get stolen. The GPS tracker will most definitely help you locate the vehicle should you face something so unfortunate.



OBD-II (Conforms to J1962 standards)
2.7 x 2.0 x 1.2 (l/wd/d in inches)
65g approx
Sleep Mode
Current Drawn <2mA
Temperature Mode
-30 C to + 70 C (Operating), -40 C to +85 C (Storage)
Internal Memory
Hours trip data backup in no network condition
Inbuilt Lithium polymer battery backup
Sensitivity -165dBm
Radio 2G/ EDGE, Quad Band
Bus Protocol
Supports : ISO 15765-4 & SAE J2284, ISO 9141 & ISO 14320


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