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Air Conditioners are a must in almost every household these days. Minimum one air conditioner is available in every second or third house. You must have often heard that winters are somewhat tolerable but summers are not. And the only solution to tolerate the summers with ease is the air conditioner. #Top 5 Air Conditioners India 2022.

Air conditioners are not only equipped in houses but also in workplaces, offices, etc. This elucidates the importance of an air conditioner in peoples’ life nowadays.

So, are you also looking for an air conditioner? Do you want to buy an air conditioner this summer?

If your answer to the above questions is ‘Yes, then you are at the right spot.



Star Rating/

Modes of Operation

1. Tonnage is the amount of heat the air conditioner is capable of removing from the room in one hour. The mathematical unit for tonnage is BTU (British Thermal Units).

1 ton equals 12000 BTU. The higher the BTU, the greater is the cooling effect. 

The tonnage of the AC should be decided by you according to your daily usage, size of the room, location, and climate of that place. So, choose wisely according to your needs.

2. Star Rating (Efficiency) was introduced by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) India, with a range of 1 to 5 stars. This showcases how energy efficient, the electrical appliance is. More the stars, the greater the efficiency of your electrical appliance. Although, high star rated air conditioners are expensive than the lower ones. But, in long term, you are going to save a lot of electricity with a 5-star rated AC than 3-star ACs.

3. There are various modes of operation available in the air-conditioners-fan mode, cool and dry mode, energy saver mode, sleep mode, 6th sense cooling, heater, etc. Whatever AC suits all your choices, go for it.

You can get the top-notch air conditioning experience with the top 5 air conditioners in India 2022 that are mentioned below. These air conditioners are the best available in the market these days.

  • The new LG MS-Q18YNZA 1.5T 5 Star rated AC is the best air conditioner that ranks top on the list of Top 5 Air Conditioners India 2022. It comes with various features like dual cool technology, 4-way swing, etc. The DUAL Inverter Compressor makes sure that the DUAL Inverter ACs cool faster, make less noise, and lasts for a prolonged period. 
  • The Ocean Black Fins of the LG DUAL COOL AC provides defense against humidity, dust, sand, smoke, and chemicals present in the environment. This feature of the AC helps to accomplish various advantages. This feature helps to gain improved and increased life expectancy and higher performance. 
  • The low gas detection system of the AC displays expedient maintenance and refilling. Thus, if the air conditioner experiences a low gas level, it will detect it on the unit. We are well aware of the fact that air conditioners promote global warming. But, this all-new air conditioner from LG comes with an R32. R32 hugely efficient refrigerant with lower global warming dormant.
  • With the super silent operation feature, one gets the most comfortable sleep. Unlike other common air conditioners, this one from LG works on noiseless operations. This ensures comfort and peace of mind. 
  • The augments Stabilizer Free Plus Operation is one the best features. It averts fluctuations of the voltage without compromising security, savings, and solace. 


  • The Auto Clean Technology dries up the heat exchanger. This feature leaves no span for bacteria and mold forming.
  • The LG’s worthier technology of DUAL COOL Inverter keeps the house conveniently cool even when the temperature outdoor rises to a maximum of 52˚C.
  • The Hi-Grooved Copper of the AC serves various benefits. It enables the oscillatory movement that flusters the refrigerant for better heat immoderation.
  • LG’s DUAL Inverter air conditioner with 6-in-1 convertible cooling is the 2nd item on the list of Top 5 Air Conditioners India 2022. The new LG PS-Q13YNZE Split Air Conditioner is an exemplary specimen for one’s air conditioning stipulations. 
  • HD filter with anti-virus protection.
  • The Ocean Black Fin offers invincible protection against dust, smoke, and other harmful chemicals present in the environment. Also, the Ocean Black Fin protects against fin corrosion.
  • You can get the alert regarding the low gas by the low gas detection system. CH 38 is very clearly displayed on your AC for periodic maintenance and refilling of the gas. The super silent operation of the AC gives you perfect noiseless sleep. The less the noise the more comfortable sleep you get.


  • The Auto Clean System automatically cleans and dries your heat exchanger. This feature lets no mold forming and keeps bacteria away.
  • LG Air Conditioners comes with the unique Himalaya Cool Technology. This system promises to cool you as soon as you switch on the Air Conditioner.
  • Voltas has got you the new adjustable inverter air conditioner. The following AC is a great deal and is worth buying. The Active Dehumidifier feature of the AC senses the indoor humidity and checks it in the monsoon. 
  • The Voltas air conditioner comes with great features that make it rank 3rd in our article of Top 5 Air Conditioners India 2022. The AC comes with an R32 refrigerant. The R32 refrigerant to reduce harm to the habitat. 
  • It features new super dry mode & high ambient lighting.
  • The Advanced Air Purification system of the AC dispenses cleaner air by detaching injurious fragrances. Also, the Low-Frequency Torque Control feature constantly controls temperature and ensures energy saving. 
  • One of the best features of the AC is the 4-way auto louver. This feature distributes the air evenly over the room. The Multi-Stage Filtration Advantage offers you the removal of dust and various injurious and harmful specs. This provides you with cool and crisp air. 
  • Thus, the Voltas Inverter Split Air conditioner at great value for money. It is worth buying and is available at a very fair price.


  • The Voltas All-Star Inverter AC is powered by the Steady Cool Compressor. This leads to Steady Cooling and Steady Savings. It aids in enhanced power utilization, and helps sustains an ideal room temperature, so you relish complete peace of mind.
  • The AC features 2-Mode Adjustable cooling that is 1 Ton and 1.5 Ton.
  • Other special features are Stabilizer Free Operation, Superdry Mode, Anti Dust Filter, etc.
  • The Panasonic ACs are highly convenient and budget-friendly. Panasonic has always focused on providing uncompromising quality. It focuses on manufacturing fine products and delivering great products and services to its customers. Thus, 4th on the list of Top 5 Air Conditioners India 2022 is an Air Conditioner from Panasonic. 
  • The company has an approach of providing top-class products to its customers. The above-mentioned air conditioner mentioned above has a twin cool inverter compressor. This ensures faster and intensified cooling. Panasonic split air conditioners are suited with the Mirage platform. Mirage platform not only links and allows access to all the appliances of Panasonic in one place but also it provides in-built intelligent identifying that detect affairs beforehand. This feature helps in maximizing the performance of the AC.
  • The Panasonic air conditioner not only comes with special and unique features but also intelligent features. This AC permits you to have a scheduled temperature set up in advance so that you can enjoy a comfortable sleep at night.
  • Along with comfort, The Marie provides you convenient control and connectivity. The voice control system with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa controls compatibility. 
  • Also, this AC from Panasonic is designed to provide long-term durability with the Stabilizer Free Operation. It controls power fluctuations and operates under harsh circumstances. 


  • The feature of an intuitive auto-diagnosis allows the Panasonic Air Conditioner to detect issues beforehand and aware users.
  • The Powerful Mode of the AC allows faster cooling of the rooms. So, users get an instant cooling experience.
  • Wi-Fi Split AC with Twin Cool Inverter compressor: Variable Speed Inverter Compressor which adjusts power depending on heat load. It is most energy efficient and has lowest-noise operation. 

  • Seamless hands-free operation and Voice Control with Alexa and Google Assistant.

  • Last but not the least, 5th on the list of Top 5 Air Conditioners India 2022 is the Daikin 0.8-ton split AC. One of the best sellers ACs in the market these days is Daikin. Daikin ACs are highly comfortable and comes with the most amazing features. 
  • Enhanced cooling is experienced by the even distribution of air. The radiant cooling intensifies comfort cooling, all because of the even distribution of air. The Power Chill Operation allows you to experience the maximum speed of your AC just at one click. 
  • The following AC unit is furnished with Stabilizer Free Operation. This operation allows the proper functioning of the AC without being dependent on any external stabilizer. It controls power fluctuations as well. 
  • The Econo Mode of the AC enables methodical operation because it limits the extreme utilization of power. The best benefit that one gets through this mode is the lower electricity bills. 


  • The Grooved copper pipes corroborate oscillatory refrigerant motion which aids in checking the finer operation of refrigerant.
  • The Outdoor power supply system in Daikin machines is specifically to furnish Daikin consumers because it provides extra protection from any forlorn and hapless fire mischance.


Air Conditioners have become an essential part of our life nowadays. It’s becoming a necessity day by day. Summers can sometimes be very irritating and intolerable. To deal with the irritating summer season you need the best air conditioner.

Beat the heat with the best air conditioner. To help you find the topmost air conditioner available in the market these days, we have presented the above article for you.


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