Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+ Review: A Big Leap From S10 ?

Premium smartphones have gotten really, really good over the past several years thanks to advancements in processors,AI,camera modules and image processing.When it comes to flagship, the first word that comes in mind is the Galaxy S series from Samsung. #Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+ Review

Samsung is a brand that is popular among tech enthusiasts for its super polular Galaxy S series followed by the Note series globally. For the past several years, Samsung has almost always gotten one thing right on all of its smartphones — the hardware. Samsung is the first smartphone maker that debuts the latest offerings from Qualcomm every year in its S series lineup and also its flagship Exynos processor for certain markets.

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Let’s Dive Into Our Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+ Review

The Galaxy S20 and S20+ are both very similar across the board in the hardware department and the only difference is in the screen size, form factor and an addational depth camera. They have metal frames with a slightly curved display up front and a slightly curved panel of glass on the back too. Although the curves on the front are not that much noticeable now as Samsung has opted for a much flatter display to protect it from both accidental touches and drops.

Build & Design:

The metal frame and glass, though, are very glossy and, in turn, very slippery. Still, they feel good in the hand and are both of manageable size.The Samsung Galaxy S20 — the smallest device is one that feels just right in the hand. It’s not too big, but not super small either.


Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+ Review

The 6.2-inch and 6.7-inch panels on the S20 and S20+ respectively are just, well, perfect. The SuperAMOLED displays have deep blacks, strong contrast, and vibrant colors. Plus, they’re super bright when you’re outdoors and get super dim when you’re using your phone in bed (even though you know you shouldn’t). Plus, the 3200×1440 resolution is sharp even if the software tones it down to FHD by default.

First, there’s the punch-hole in the centre just like the one on the Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+ , Samsung has certainly nailed that design. The bezels on the Galaxy S20 basically don’t exist which, visually, is gorgeous! Part of what makes that possible is a hole cut out of the panel which houses the selfie camera i.e. a 10MP sensor. This time around, Samsung moved the punch-hole to the center which is visually much more pleasing and much less intrusive too. It’s just a shame Samsung doesn’t have space to have a proper face unlock sensor array neither it supports iris unlock.

Secondly, by default, the Galaxy S20’s display is the same as every smartphone display for the past several years with a 60Hz refresh rate. That means the display refreshes what’s on-screen 60 times per second. This new panel, though, has a 120Hz refresh rate. In everyday use, this means that any form of movement on your display — especially scrolling — is smoother and nicer to look at. This eats up some battery life which is probably why it’s not the default setting, but turning 120Hz on is definitely the first thing you should do when you get this phone.

Samsung however tells us that 120Hz at QHD+ resolution support is coming via an update.

There’s still a slight curve on the S20’s display, but it’s not nearly as significant as previous devices.


Great hardware meets great and optimised software.Software used to be a big problem for Samsung, but the company has gotten progressively better over the past few years. With the Galaxy S20 series, you’re looking at Android 10 with One UI 2.1 over top and, for the most part, it’s really quite good!

One UI really has just about every feature you can imagine or would really ever want on a smartphone. It can flip on a dark theme, wake you up with your favorite songs, automatically crop screenshots on your behalf, and just so many more things that you probably don’t think about on a daily basis.

Samsung also added a new feature to allow locking an app in your device’s memory.

By the time we were making our Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+ Review Samsung rolled out an OTA to fix minor the issues and bugs.


The battery life on both Galaxy S20 models is solid. The smaller S20 has a 4,000 mAh battery while the S20+ has a 4,500 mAh battery. Put simply, if you want the best battery life, you should buy the S20+, but both are absolutely excellent.

If somehow, that battery life isn’t good enough for you, you’ll be pleased with the charging options. There are USB-C and Qi charging here that works on any cable or pad, but Samsung didn’t stop there. In the box, you’ll have a 25W “Super Fast Charger” which fills this device up very, very quickly.


Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+ Review

Camera Highlights:Cameras are the main highlighting pointt of our Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+ Review

  • Zoom in 30X. Find shots you couldn’t before-Advanced zoom starts with 3X Hybrid Optic Zoom. Couple that with super resolution zoom bolstered by AI & now you can get up close to the action like never before.
  • 64 MP lets you pinch in again & again-Galaxy S20 & S20+’s 64 Mega Pixel high resolution camera offers sharper resolution that keeps the clarity,even when you crop way into images.
  • 8K Mobile Resolution-The all new 8K Mobile Resolution is 4 times bigger than UHD & 16 times bigger than FHD.
  • Super Steady-Sophisticated AI stabilizes video like an action cam.
  • To top all this, the Galaxy S2/S20+ has also been equipped with a number of new features, including a new Night Mode that’s very much at par with what the biggest names in the smartphone camera game Google, Huawei and Apple offer with their phones.
Sample Image By S20+

The cameras are main piece of discussion on the entire S20 lineup.

Both the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy S20+ support hybrid optical zoom of up to 3X and total zoom of 30X. The two phones also share the main cameras in the set-up, which include a 12-megapixel ultra-wide, a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens and a 64-megapixel telephoto lens. However, on the S20+ there’s also a ToF camera. For selfies again, the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ get 10-megapixel lenses.

Talking about the video recording, the phone can shoot up to 8K videos at 24fps. While this is a good option, it was difficult to preview the recorded 8K video on the phone’s screen itself. But for the 4K videos, the phone records pretty well and lets you switch between the front and rear camera too. The ‘Super Steady’ video mode is good but it restricts the resolution to 1080p (full-HD).


Thanks to its very slim bezels, there’s not much room for speakers on either S20. As a result, there’s one downward-facing driver and another very small speaker at the top of the device. They get very loud, but the sound is mostly unimpressive. It lacks depth and at high volumes sounds distorted and noisy.

Pros & Cons:


  • 120Hz Super-AMOLED Display
  • 4500 mAH battery
  • Gorilla Glass 6
  • IP rating
  • Wireless charging and power sharing


  • No 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Only up-to 25w fast charging
  • No higher refresh rate at higher resolution.

Galaxy S20 or S20+: Which should you buy? |

The Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ are great phones. The cameras are sometimes frustrating, but the experience as a whole here is really, really good. There’s so much to love about the S20 series, but you’ve got to pick one or the other.


Should you buy the Galaxy S20, or S20+? If you want better battery life and a bigger screen, get the S20+. It also comes in the gorgeous Aura Blue color too. Realistically, the S20+ is the best model for most people.

But if you want a slightly less battery and a comfortable to hold in hand form factor then S20 is the device to go for.


  • At Rs 66,999, the Galaxy S20 is the most affordabe flagship from Samsung this year
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+ has been launched in India at Rs 73,999
  • The smartphone comes powered by an Exynos 990 SoC
  • One of the biggest highlights of the Galaxy S20+ is its quad camera set-up.

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